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posted Jan 18 2019

Litigation Support in San Antonio, TX

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posted Jan 6 2019

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Carol H., Shafer, Davis, O’Leary & Stoker, Inc.

"I have worked with L.O.R.R. for well over 10 years and find their records retrieval services to be very efficient, correct and expeditious.…"

Tracy Wilson, The Carlson Law Firm, P.C.

"I have been working with L.O.R.R. for over 2 years now, and I cannot say enough positive things about their efficiency and accuracy..."


Record Retrieval

Looking for lightning fast record retrieval services? Contact Law & Order Record Retrieval via email, in person, or faxing a LORR representative. We are located throughout Texas, including San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Austin. We also serve Hurst, McKinney, and College Station, TX. Don’t forget to include any necessary authorizations to help speed the process.

Law & Order Record Retrieval can obtain payroll and personnel records, business records, medical records (including X-rays and in some cases, test results), tax records, or even police records.  As experienced professionals in record retrieval, we're up to the task of negotiating state and federal agencies to obtain the information you require.

Once we receive it, we're on the case! In the first twenty-four hours after receiving your order, requests and/or notices of intention will go out to the appropriate parties. We guarantee that all proper protocols will be observed when obtaining your information. Where applicable, we also request waivers to reduce delays and obtain your needed records as soon as the law allows.

Records can be delivered printed and bound, on disc or via email, or housed in a digital document management system you can access any time online.

Litigation Support

Having the right litigation support can make a profound difference to attorneys, firms, and the clients they serve. You deserve the best litigation support available as you fight for your clients and grow your law firm. LORR has been serving lawyers for years in San Antonio, using their breadth of experience and knowledge to help them prepare for court. Litigation services offered by LORR are:

- Record Retrieval. This vital aspect of litigation support involves gathering documentation, reports, test results, and other relevant records from employers, medical professionals, businesses, witnesses, or any other information germane to the case at hand.

- Subpoena and Citations. LORR is happy to handle the inconvenient task of subpoena services by delivering these documents on time to the appropriate parties—while following every applicable law.

- Visual Aids. LORR can create stunning presentations, convincing trial boards and exhibits, all using your best evidence and data. Visual aids can be powerful and persuasive in any trial. LORR also has legal videographers and photography experts to help capture evidence, depositions, or testimony to provide a fuller picture of your case.

Online Repository

Is there really a way to lighten your load while doing your part for the environment? Yes! Taking advantage of the online repository at LORR can do all that and more. Want access to everything related to your case at your fingertips without having to lug it around? Discovery, statements, depositions, your courtroom presentation documents—even photos and videos can all be conveniently stored in their online repository for easy access anywhere with internet access.

Emailing digital copies of documents to clients, opposing counsel, or anyone else saves on printing, courier, and mailing costs. You can even keep copies on disc—so it's also great for archiving.

LORR offers eDocument services that will create a digital library of all your relevant files. This can include scanning paperwork, converting images, or processing video so it can be stored and viewed in multiple formats for a variety of devices. They'll store all of it in a secure, password-protected database you can access anytime, anywhere you have access to the internet.


Record Retrieval

Record retrieval is a cornerstone of litigation support, and it's where LORR began.

Online Repository

Imagine having your entire case with you anywhere you go, but without dragging heavy document boxes or bulky case notebooks.

Videography & Photography

LORR's videographers will give you crisp, high-resolution images and clear audio quality.

Presentations & Exhibits

LORR can create digital or print presentations for use in trial, mediation, or in your firm's marketing.

Process Services

We understand the sensitivities of service, and can be aggressive with difficult witnesses and discreet with cooperative witnesses.