Outsourcing Legal Work: 5 Things You Must Know

Jan 6 2019 | posted by LORR Team

Many law firms are outsourcing legal work nowadays. Not only does it allow in-house teams to be more efficient and effective, but it can also add much-needed expertise to some of the more nuanced areas of legal work.

Things like record retrieval, legal photography, and subpoena service all become easier and more effective when using the right legal support professional.

Are you considering outsourcing legal work at your firm or on an upcoming case? Here’s what you’ll want to know before diving in:

  1. It can save you money. Outsourcing might come with an upfront fee, but it also allows your team to be more effective and efficient and build more powerful cases — all of which means more winnings in the end.
  2. It can save you time. Unless you have a huge staff and dozens of team members dedicated to every step of the legal process, you can’t compete with a litigation support team on time or efficiency.

    Their pros are experts in their field and know how to tackle each and every support task quickly and with pinpoint accuracy.

  3. It can improve your case. Litigation support teams come with decades of hard-won experience. They can help you create powerful exhibits and legal videos for trial, pin down hard-to-find witnesses, and crack difficult records custodians withholding information.
  4. Quality and experience matters. If you will be outsourcing legal work, choose your provider wisely and make sure to read client reviews. They should be deeply experienced and have the testimonials to prove it.
  5. Your clients should know — and approve. Your legal customers need to know if their information or casework is being outsourced to another party.

    They should have the opportunity to approve or decline (possibly for privacy reasons) or weigh in on who can assist with their case.

Law firms have been outsourcing legal work to LORR for more than two decades. Need help with your record retrieval, trial exhibit, online document storage, subpoena, citation, or photography needs?

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