Company Overview

You solve the puzzle. We gather the pieces.

Law & Order Record Retrieval and Litigation Support provides law firms and insurers with prompt, dependable, cost-effective legal services in cases throughout Texas. As a top litigation support company in the state of Texas we're here to work for you. So, call us when a claim or suit is filed, and we'll support you all the way to settlement or trial.

  • LORR supports your investigation with photographers and videographers to document site inspections, chronicle injuries and recovery, and create day-in-the-life videos.
  • LORR supports your discovery by obtaining medical, business, and federal, state, and municipal agency records, then delivering them to you in print or digital format. We'll provide court reporters and videographers for depositions. Plus, we can scan your records and exhibits to make them securely accessible 24/7 via the Internet.
  • LORR supports you at trial by preparing multimedia presentations, digital exhibit databases, and trial boards, and by serving witnesses with subpoenas. We also provide courtroom playback, dealing with the technology while you concentrate on your case.
  • LORR supports your research with our free online resources.

Whether you're an attorney, staff, or adjuster, Plaintiff or Defendant, let LORR gather the pieces of your case and provide you with the best litigation support in Texas your case needs. We also provide local cost-effective legal services, like our litigation support, Austin's most trusted legal work site and our litigation support, Houston's most dependable source of legal information.

Barbara F., Abilene, Texas

"The professionalism, friendly service and attention to detail so impressed me that I don’t use anyone else now unless I’m forced to do so because I know that I will receive my records promptly and efficiently. The online repository is a lifesaver for quick document searches. Thank you LORR!"