Citation And Subpoena Services

LORR’s service personnel are certified according to Rule 103 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure and will serve citations on parties and subpoenas on witnesses or parties for deposition or trial.

We understand the sensitivities of citation and subpoena services, and can be aggressive with difficult witnesses and discreet with cooperative witnesses.

LORR can also assist in issuing subpoenas and in picking up citations from the courthouse.

Once service is executed, our service personnel endorse the citation or subpoena and return it to the court. While we pride ourselves in being able to effect citation and subpoena services, we realize that on rare occasions service is not possible. In that case, we document the diligence used to attempt service, the reason for the inability to serve, and then return the citation or subpoena to the court, per the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

For more information on subpoena services and how to handle elusive witnesses, click here.

Paul A. Drummond, Attorney, AT&T Legal

"LORR helped Lisa and me in the case we just tried in Georgetown. We got them involved on pretty short notice and they really jumped in with both feet LORR had all of our exhibits and demonstratives on a laptop that we displayed on a screen for the jury. They were very fast about throwing up new exhibits, enlarging and highlighting parts of documents, playing video clips from depos, etc. Basically, LORR handled all of the AV/technical stuff so that we didn’t have to. I was greatly impressed with LORR."