Obtaining a Written Deposition Service in San Antonio, Texas

Oct 17 2018 | posted by LORR Team

You might not be aware, but written deposition service must be performed by a legal service provider, such as a notary, court clerk, or litigation support firm certified to serve subpoenas, citations, and other legal documents.

Though it can be tempting to trust an intern or paralegal to handle the task, if your deposition by written questions (DWQ) is seeking information that’s vital to your case, doing so may not be the best decision for your client — or your pocketbook — in the long run.

What Is Deposition by Written Questions?

Depositions by written questions are commonly how attorneys and lawyers come by data, records, testimonies, and other third-party information to be used in their case. They’re typically used with parties who are not directly involved in the legal claim and are unable to attend proceedings.

Here’s how the written deposition service works:

  • The attorney will provide a list of questions for the witness, regarding the information they’d like to obtain.
  • The server will issue those questions to the appropriate witness.
  • The witness will complete the questions and return them to the server.
  • The server will return the questions and in some cases, have them notarized, bound, and labeled before delivering them to the attorney.

Deposition by written questions is designed as an alternative to a traditional sit-down interview or testimony, and it can often be used in place of record retrieval if a record is particularly hard to find or come by.

Need Written Deposition Service in San Antonio, TX?

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