Company History

LORR was established by Debbie Wilson in 1993 as a record retrieval company. Wilson and her daughter, Brandy Rhodus, operated the business from their home in San Antonio, Texas, aided by a part-time runner during the week and fueled by weekend visits to office supply stores.

Growth came fast. By 1994, LORR had moved into a small one-room office, which in turn gave way to a larger office and more employees. Before the end of the decade, LORR had opened offices in Dallas and Houston and expanded their litigation support company into other areas of litigation support, including court reporting, videography, photography, process serving, and trial presentations.

In 2000, LORR led the movement toward the digital law office by providing its customers with online document management systems, allowing clients to reduce paper volume and increase the accessibility of case materials while preserving file security and moving towards digital presentations in both trial and mediations.

Today, LORR offers services that span the range of trial support services from start to finish, through investigation, research, discovery, and the presentation of your case to a jury.

Whether you're working a claim or a lawsuit, whether you're a lawyer or insurer, plaintiff or defendant, LORR's goal remains to help you assemble the pieces of your case.


Our Mission:

We are committed to customer service in an unbiased, qualified and timely manner while providing innovative solutions to our client’s needs; and

Creating a dynamic environment focused on long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect; and

Establishing a workplace dedicated to fostering the growth and development of employees;

Striving to build the LORR brand to be one that stands for Excellence, Dependability, Quality, Loyalty and Caring for our Clients.

Barbara F., Abilene, Texas

"The professionalism, friendly service and attention to detail so impressed me that I don’t use anyone else now unless I’m forced to do so because I know that I will receive my records promptly and efficiently. The online repository is a lifesaver for quick document searches. Thank you LORR!"