Litigation Support Services in Dallas, TX

May 23 2018 | posted by LORR Team

Litigation Services in Dallas

Here at LORR, we offer a wide array of litigation support services in Dallas, TX. From convenient digital file storage to photography, videography and exhibits that enhance your case, we offer Dallas law firms and attorneys the legal services they need to build better, more effective and more successful cases.

Record Retrieval Services

We pride ourselves on our fast and effective record retrieval services. All it takes is a simple two-minute online form, and we’ll get to work on your request within 24 hours. We can even help gather records by DWQ or authorization or attempt to have waiting periods waived in certain cases. As part of our litigation support services in Dallas, TX, we can gather the following types of records:

  • Medical records, X-rays, etc.
  • Business records, payroll records and personnel files
  • Police and legal records
  • Federal or state agency records


Online Repository

One of our most popular litigation support services in Dallas is our online file repository, which puts entire case files at your fingertips on the go. Use it to keep evidence, depositions, discovery documents, exhibits and more handy while traveling off-site or in the courtroom. Benefits of our online repository include:

  • 24/7 access
  • Available digitally and on the go
  • Cut down on paper and storage space
  • Better organize your files
  • More easily pull up documents on the fly


Legal Videographers and Photography

Our expert legal videography and photography services can enhance your case with powerful, impactful visuals. Offered to attorneys and law firms throughout Dallas, TX, they’re ideal for capturing and documenting:

  • Accident scenes and property damage
  • Personal injury or days in the life of injured clients
  • Depositions or statements of far-off witnesses


Legal Presentations and Trial Exhibits

Another one of our legal services that can enhance your trial visuals and improve your efficacy is our presentation and exhibits department. Our experts can create customized presentations that combine words, pictures, charts and even videos to sway the jury and better tell your story. Specifically, we can produce:

  • Trial exhibit databases
  • PowerPoint presentations and slideshows
  • Trial boards, charts and graphs


Citations and Subpoena Services

One of our most-used litigation support services in Dallas, our subpoenas and citations experts are trained to handle even the most elusive and discreet of situations. We will even return subpoenas to the appropriate court once they’ve been issued.

Get Litigation Support Services in Dallas

When it comes to litigation support services in Dallas, TX, LORR’s the obvious choice. Experienced, effective and efficient, our legal services team is here to help. Get in touch with our Dallas litigation support office at 1-800-736-9105 today or submit a records request now.