5 Steps of Legal Record Retrieval

Dec 21 2015 | posted by LORR Team

Legal record retrieval isn’t easy, but it’s certainly important. Through proper record retrieval, you can get the evidence you need to prove the defendant’s fault, your client’s innocence, and the total amount of damages your client should be owed.

Want to make sure your legal record retrieval goes off without a hitch? Here’s how:

1.  Determine who holds your records First thing’s first: Who has the records you need? Track down the agency or facility that has them, and get the contact information for the records department. If it’s a medical record, you’ll need the doctor’s office or hospital where the patient was treated. If it’s a truck accident, you’ll need employment and health records on the driver, as well as maintenance records on the truck.

2.  Get the proper forms and authorizations Once you know where the records are held, find out what’s needed to request a copy. If it’s medical records, you’ll need authorization from the patient or a court order. There are often site-specific forms and authorizations you’ll have
to fill out, too.

3.  Find a legal record retrieval company – Next, find a qualified retrieval specialist, one who has experience both in record retrieval and in the type of record you need. If they have other services that can help you improve your case, that’s a great bonus.

4.  Fill out the request form Most retrieval companies will have an easy request form you can fill out to get your record retrieval moving. Ours, for example, can be found here. Once submitted, we’ll start your request within 24 hours.

5.  Wait for your record Once your request is sent off, the work is done. Your retrieval specialist will work with the records custodian, filling out forms, faxing over documentation, and taking every step possible to get that record quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is sit back and wait.

Need legal record retrieval? Let LORR help. Fill out our record retrieval request form, and we’ll get started right away.